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Panamar Company Profile.

Panamar Company Profile. - PANAMAR snc

PANAMAR snc, an "Italian-Lebanese" trading company, founded in 2002 by Pascale El Najjar and Marco Russo.

We are located in Turin, Northwest Italy, an industrial city, in strategic area for communication between the markets of Spain and France.

Our business was created with the import of organic fertilizers (hooves and minced horns)
Subsequently, other products were included in our line of Import and allowed us to consolidate our presence, serving businesses, consortia and industry.

Precisely because the world of other raw materials, always of animal origin, we have seen how direct importers: glue the bones and skin, ossein, "bone chips". Mainly for the northern European market

The year 2004 marks a turning point, moving from the world of the first steps in crafts, beginning to offer our products at craft knife (mainly horn full of various animals).

The response is encouraging, and the range of research materials, travels to other countries, including China, Russia, India, Australia, Africa, Malaysia, Vietnam, Argentina and others.

Emerging and growing partnerships with local agents in several foreign countries, to ensure the presence on the territory and the careful selection of materials for a growing number of loyal customers.

Our relation with customers is mainly based on person to person contact, as we use customer care as a mission; follow our customers and supply them the best quality product in good prices and facility in payment is our strategy.

The result: over 800 artisans and companies, only in Italy, have so far experienced satisfaction with our materials. And these must be added more than 100, for the rest of Europe.

A database system allows us to track requests, they were attempting to escape in a time less and less, increasing the service, drive down prices. These are our daily target.